Unhappy Raccoon

Heh, Mabi makes a reference to a viral video:


Custom MabiSkillSkin for RGT Updated

After years of not touching the RGT skin script, I finally updated them again.

This time, I released an edited English language version of MabiSkillSkin.

I created a page for this version and hosted the RGT script too, as the developer’s site is now defunct.


Hey! I’m back!

I didn’t think it would happen, but I’m back on my original main.

After sending a ticket, 2 months ago, I got a response 2 days ago, I was unbanned.


Initial feeling, when I was unbanned:

This was the feeling I got, when friends and others that knew me, saw me:

Glad it wasn’t 7 years, but 3.5 years.
I have a lot of content to catch up on.

Pretty surreal.

Now with a better computer, I can actually stream my gameplay.

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