It’s been a while, this place needs a bit of a sprucing up.

The guild has been really inactive, I seem to be the only one to “actively” play the game. 🙁

The “Giant renewal” update is currently on the live servers.
There’s going to be a maintenance on the servers later today, they mention “Skill Advancement incoming!”.
Not sure if they’re going to finally uncap a few more skills or if it has to do with the “Dan Rank system”.

As for ‘Aska’, I’ve been ranking up the “Hillwen Engineering” skill as many new items require this skill to create new equipment….. Blacksmithing seems to thrown by the wayside.  Salty OG R1 Blacksmith here.

Currently, I created a Giant character for the ‘Giant Renewal’ event, since they give you a free Premium Giant character card.
How nice!

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