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Abb Neagh Housing #2

First wave of house auctions are ending today.

Live it up!

Get yours today!

Note: Houses are being put up 20 minutes apart instead of the initial 10, for easier management.


Abb Neagh Housing

I take it everyone knows how housing works, if not Nexon has a guide here.

The plan is to populate the entire residential area with Type 1 houses.
Seen here:
Earthen House with Ventilating Thatched Roof
A pretty economic house, no?

The minimum bid is 34.2k, while the weekly tax for said house will be about 61.5k @ 90% tax.
(With the default settings, no renovations.)
Whoa there! I know the figure “90%” would scare a lot of potential tentants,
but consider the cost of houses in the other residential districts.

I recall people paying double the type1 amount just to maintain the type 4 brickhouse.
I wonder why that is…same amount of inventory space and gold limits. \(o.O)/

For some people, Abb Neagh might seem kind of dull, with possible comments like “ALL HOUSES LOOK THE SAME!”
I’m truly sorry for that, but it was for cost-effective reasons, and you can renovate the house, if you wish.
I hope to see you guys around Abb Neagh, be it as a tenant or just a visitor shopping for items.
Until next post!

I posted a similar post on the nexon forums, as well.
Though, my post is more casual on here than there. :p

Feel free to post comments or complaints below.
A note is the preferred method for complaints, note either Miske or myself, Aska.


Reflect wins Abb Neagh Castle!

Reflect wins the Castle Auction

Early bird gets the worm?
Once again we went for a castle, this time the recently released Abb Neagh Castle.
As of this posting, the castle is undergoing its third stage of construction, I’ll update this post when completed.
As for the housing district, it shall be addressed in a separate post.

The castle has been completed and all houses built.

Abb Neagh Castle

Abb Neagh castle!

Nines passed out from hauling Castle Building stones, so he’s not pictured. 🙁
Poor guy.


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