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Hey! I’m back!

I didn’t think it would happen, but I’m back on my original main.

After sending a ticket, 2 months ago, I got a response 2 days ago, I was unbanned.


Initial feeling, when I was unbanned:

This was the feeling I got, when friends and others that knew me, saw me:

Glad it wasn’t 7 years, but 3.5 years.
I have a lot of content to catch up on.

Pretty surreal.

Now with a better computer, I can actually stream my gameplay.

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A Normal Day In Reflect


Go go Penguin Rangers!

Nexon kicked off a new fishing event yesterday after maintenance.
After some AFK fishing, we each managed to snag one, as you can see.

The Penguin Robes

Penguin Rangers!

Also, Nines won this past fashion show with his Incubus Elatha outfit, pictured in the top right. =P

That’s all for today, until G12 or more randomness.


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