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Once upon a time, there was this “pro”

So my post at the nexon forums was deleted or hidden.
Apparently someone doesn’t like being exposed, after swearing up and down the forums, of being legit.

Sure, I was banned about a month ago, I was going to disappear quietly, play something else, move on,
but someone just had to get the final word about my/our achievements.
(In case it gets moderated here’s an uploaded image of said post.)

My reply was reported and removed, as expected, but someone reposted it

I’ll post a copy of my original post here,
without the pretty formatting.

Also, Nines made a post beforehand, which was also removed/reported, I have that right here.

Why was this posted?

Archiving purposes, as well as a reference to link to.

Lene claims we’re doing this out of “rage”, not at all, I had moved on, until his post came to my attention.

I only stepped up, addressed his posts to clear up a couple things and helped unmask a cheater, before heading off.

You only made the post, since you recently found out about our ban, so in your warped mind you decided to take a couple of potshots

But as a certain spanish saying goes “Tienes cola para pisar.” translated to “You have a tail to tread on.”
That was the purpose of the posted videos, nothing more.

You’re no do-gooder, you’re also part of the problem.

This post was to inform the rest of the Mabinogi Mari populace [and Nexon] about the type of player you really are.

Other Gems of “Legitimacy”: 1 2

(You tried to contest the age of the videos, here’s my reply:

Old, but still valid.)
Relevant Info:
Instrument playing Macro video at ceann:

Video of Lene about to start farming:

screenshot of above incident for name clarity:


and the video forwarded to me of Lene’s one charge fireball spam and farming:


Made into a link since this was already posted in the last post.

and random person’s video, before mule farming it up.

In closing, for as long as I could remember, there always has been tension surrounding you, not just with me or my guild,
but with various people and guilds, we’ve all witnessed it personally, heard about it, seen it posted on the forums and so on.

It’s up to them to decide whether to continue ignoring it or finally break free from your overall “Elitist Mabinogi bully” persona.

I, for one, chose NOT to be intimidated by your supposed “mabi e-reputation”, it was you that came at me first, not vice-versa.

You can only make up so many rumors, backhanded comments and accusations, that you’ll finally get a response, you got mine.

This should be the final post on the matter, hopefully.



No shame indeed.

Some Backstory:
I was introduced to Alinaria under the guise that they wanted to buy some blacksmithed wares.
After speaking with them for a bit it was agreed they’d pay 1 million gold for both said smithed items.
During our exchange, I became familiar with this person’s rude attitude.

They’d ask for a certain color, which is randomized like black or blue.
They’d interrupt with a “I don’t care, just get it done, I can always dye it.”
When our chat was concluded, not even 10 seconds had passed and I was hurried because they don’t have all day. Heh.
Upon completion, I returned to channel 4, informing them about the completed items.
All was well until this person asked to try on said items before paying.
Warning bells went on in my mind, I was about to suggest going to HCH, a guildmate suggested it before I could type anything.
She agreed and all of us went to my house.

Now… somewhere along the way, the payment plan changed from “I’ll pay 1m” to “I’ll trade you an Andras’s bow” to “My husband will pay you” to “It’s for my husband’s B-day” or something like that.
Somehow Sajuk took pity on this person,paid me for the items and gave them to her. o_O?
Now that the deal was done, it was over right? No, it wasn’t…. ._.;
Nines entered my house during this time to observe, at times asking about her “husband”.
Alinaria was evasive, but then asked how much gold Sajuk had in order to buy more things.
I forget how the duel started between Alinaria and Sajuk started, probably over a Jpn sword.
It was pretty hilarious and embarassing to watch, eventually Alinaria lost and continued asking Sajuk for things.
This eventually wore on Sajuk and Alinaria left, after being called out for being an alt for said “Husband”.

Fast forward to today, this person comes out of the blue asking for 200k despite all the stupidity we were put through before. [See image above]
People have no shame and I GET INSULTED?! What the christ?!