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Custom MabiSkillSkin for RGT Updated

After years of not touching the RGT skin script, I finally updated them again.

This time, I released an edited English language version of MabiSkillSkin.

I created a page for this version and hosted the RGT script too, as the developer’s site is now defunct.


MabiSkillSkin RGT Skin updated

I have updated/merged most of the changes from the original Japanese MabiSkillSkin version
-Updated to “MabiSkillSkin ver2.30.12 (2011/05/19)”

Meaning skills up to G14S1 are supported, pet list updated, Journal support etc.

Some translations have been regressed, due to a database format change.
I’ll get those translated and uploaded, a bit at a time.
Same with the UI.

If you’d like to visit the Reflect RGT, you can do so from the left or top menus.
Or by clicking here:


Memberlist system added.

While it’s not really big news, when a roster is added to a guild site, this one is special somewhat.
I found a member/skill list system specifically made for mabinogi.
Click below or at the header menu to visit it:
Member List
For the stand-alone (non-iframe) version:
Reflect RGT

A minor inconvenience is that it was completely in Japanese.
I managed to localize some of it, but still a work-in-progress.

At the moment, it is currently locked to admin-added registrations. (For testing, and whatnot.)
When I manage to get a bit more of the UI translated, as well as pets and skill information.
I may open it up to free registration, so guild members can add themselves.

Note: Any characters not in the guild will be removed without notice.