Guidelines for applying:
Quoting the Guildstone text; as of 4/8/2011

“We are a very laid-back guild and there are no requirements to join,
but we have two rules that must be followed.
1. No causing guild drama of any type.
2. Respect your fellow guildmembers. (No chat spam, begging, etc.)
Note Starmiyaka or Whissarra before applying.
(Be sure to check the Guidelines section)”

There isn’t a Level/Skill Requirement, but we reserve the right to kick you/reject you.

Especially, if you happen to cause problems for the guild, inside or out
or have a widely known reputation as a troublemaker.


Random Mentions:

  • The majority of the members in the guild can operate independently, so you should be able to, as well.
  • Keep in mind, no one is obligated to help you.
  • The majority of guild happenings are optional, especially guild battle (when signed up)
  • Laid-back is comparable to Lazy >.>
  • -=This point was intentionally left blank=-
  • New people tend to leave after a week, after experiencing the guild.
    (We won’t be offended, if you leave.  Just let us know.)