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To arms!

On Saturday, August 6th 2011, Reflect won the Guild Battle! After much determination, we finally dominated Famous by around 500 points, with our score reaching 9,347!

Good job everyone who went! Now if the title wasn’t glitched 🙁


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Reflect’s return to guild battle.

Congrats to Hakudoshi, who placed third in overall scoring and for pretty much carrying the entire guild. About 6-8 of us participated. There was much dying.

I need to learn how to PvP better.


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MabiSkillSkin RGT Skin updated

I have updated/merged most of the changes from the original Japanese MabiSkillSkin version
-Updated to “MabiSkillSkin ver2.30.12 (2011/05/19)”

Meaning skills up to G14S1 are supported, pet list updated, Journal support etc.

Some translations have been regressed, due to a database format change.
I’ll get those translated and uploaded, a bit at a time.
Same with the UI.

If you’d like to visit the Reflect RGT, you can do so from the left or top menus.
Or by clicking here:

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Legacy of Nines xD

Check this out.

Us hanging out at the spot where Nines and Aska disappeared.

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