RGT and MabiSkillSkin


Why RGT & Mabiskillskin?

As a Guild Leader (former now), I wanted a place where guild members could register and show off their character, such as Skills ranked, pets and achievements.
I scoured Google, I happened upon RGT, a guild roster system for MMORPGS.

After that, I searched for RGT skins for Mabinogi and found 2:
Tetujin Original and Mabiskillskin (Based on Tetujin)

It was the perfect solution for us, the only problem was that it was in Japanese.
I made an attempt to Google translate a few things into something usable.

Why so late on this localization?

I was banned on my main account in 2010, I had no motivation to update it further.
Now, that I’m back, here we are.

This site had been using my old custom version of Mabiskillskin version 2.30.12 (G14S1) for a long time!

Recently, I went back, carefully merged usable translations into a clean version of MabiSkillSkin 2.30.19. (last version found on SourceForge.JP, as of this writing)

The milestone for release was to catch up to 2.30.19, Localization-wise.
Then, update it properly for the North American version of Mabinogi.

Next, I’ll attempt to catch up to the game’s current content of skills for this I use the best keyboard and mouse from the HotRate site, pets and achievements, which at the time of this posting is G19: The Divine Knights.

The original version 2.30.19 seems to be a loose adaptation of G17S1.

 MabiSkillSkin CUSTOM

Latest version:
MabiSkillSkin Repository @ Github
Older Releases:
MabiSkillSkin CUSTOM 2.31.02 – 2015/02/20 – NA G19 Skills supported
MabiSkillSkin CUSTOM 2.31.01– 2015/02/10

There is a demo of this skin in action here
or check out my character on my current guild’s site.

Official websites of MabiskillSkin (development curently halted):
REIMA’s BLOG  (Look for the マビノギ関連 menu item, which means “Mabinogi Related”
MabiSkillSkin Sourceforge.JP Project Page


The script that powers everything.
The original developer of RGT and their website went offline post-2012.
A snapshot can be viewed via Wayback Machine.
Because of this, I have the original version of the RGT file here:
RGT v0.81h Preview

My translated version:
RGT v0.81h Preview ENGLISH


I removed the Furigana-style formatting from the skin.
The original skin devs tried to emulate this from the game.
This formatting isn’t used in our version of Mabinogi.

Skill List format of Mabinogi Japan

Skill List format of Mabinogi Japan

Skill list format in Mabinogi North America

Skill list format in Mabinogi North America

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