Abb Neagh Housing #2

First wave of house auctions are ending today.

Live it up!

Get yours today!

Note: Houses are being put up 20 minutes apart instead of the initial 10, for easier management.


Abb Neagh Housing

I take it everyone knows how housing works, if not Nexon has a guide here.

The plan is to populate the entire residential area with Type 1 houses.
Seen here:
Earthen House with Ventilating Thatched Roof
A pretty economic house, no?

The minimum bid is 34.2k, while the weekly tax for said house will be about 61.5k @ 90% tax.
(With the default settings, no renovations.)
Whoa there! I know the figure “90%” would scare a lot of potential tentants,
but consider the cost of houses in the other residential districts.

I recall people paying double the type1 amount just to maintain the type 4 brickhouse.
I wonder why that is…same amount of inventory space and gold limits. \(o.O)/

For some people, Abb Neagh might seem kind of dull, with possible comments like “ALL HOUSES LOOK THE SAME!”
I’m truly sorry for that, but it was for cost-effective reasons, and you can renovate the house, if you wish.
I hope to see you guys around Abb Neagh, be it as a tenant or just a visitor shopping for items.
Until next post!

I posted a similar post on the nexon forums, as well.
Though, my post is more casual on here than there. :p

Feel free to post comments or complaints below.
A note is the preferred method for complaints, note either Miske or myself, Aska.